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1 year later

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

well, it's been exactly one year since i started this site/blog. i wish i could say that amazing progress was made and we're super close to having a finished product! sadly, i'm still working on the same segment that i originally returned to last july. i am almost done with it, but have been really struggling with certain aspects of the art style that i've been locked into. in fact, i was struggling so much, i felt like i needed a bit of a break! so, i spent the weekend making this cartoon and working on some practical effects shots in my garage!

i also recently turned 40. as a result, i have tried to become a bit more focused in my creative efforts. mostly by trying to mimic the conditions of when i felt i was most creatively powerful - my early 20s. back then, i didn't have the internet readily available. i went for walks all the time. and i made it a point to write/draw at least one page per day.

so, i've deleted all unnecessary apps from my phone and computer. i turn off my modem on nights and weekends. and my dogs get walked more often.

so far, i have to say that it feels to be working. i find myself wanting to stay up late again, trying to finish just one more shot, or edit one more segment of audio.

i suppose the one thing i can't duplicate from my 20s is my lack of employment. working a 9 to 5 is still the ultimate hurdle. boohoo.

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Mar 18, 2023

I enjoy it, please keep updating it

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