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a not great may

i admit i've had a lack of motivation for the past 5 or 6 weeks. my last grandparent died. then the last quail at our house died. she (the quail) is buried under a fruiting apricot tree now. all in all, not the greatest headspace.

anyhow, what have i been working on?! i can't seem to stop recording/editing the audio for this 2 minute segment:

recording, re-recording, and re-re-recording seems to be my biggest hinderance in life, but i've found that if i'm not 95 - 100% crazy about my audio, it becomes almost impossible to move forward. i've become way too linear, i think. other than audio woes, i've also struggled with doing some speed ramps. i tried it in davinci, i tried it in AE, but ultimately, premiere seemed to have the better tools:

hoping for a productive summer!


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